Why You Should Not Neuter Your Pet


An Irrevocable Procedure

When humans decide about having a “permanent” birth control solution, it can still be reversed, with pets you can’t quite change your mind and make them fertile again. Women can get a tubal ligation, otherwise known as getting their “tubes tied”, but if they ever want to procreate again then they have the option for a tubal ligation reversal. While men can have a vasectomy and similarly get a vasectomy reversal if they ever want children. But once you “spay” or “neuter” your pet you have taken a truly permanent decision by removing their reproductive organs, nullifying your chances of breeding your beloved animals to someday have your very own puppy mill/farm. Such concrete and definitive decisions should be thought out profoundly, not taken on a whim just because your veterinarian advised you to do it and listed a barrage of benefits for cutting little Skippy’s testicles. Remember that veterinarians and doctors are not angels sent from heaven who are always looking out for your pet’s or your own best interest, sometimes they recommend for unnecessary procedures to extract more quick money off the patient or pet owner.

puppy mill

If you neuter, you can say goodbye to your wishes of having a happy puppy mill such as this one.

Changes To Your Pet’s Behavior

Aside from the ever present risks that come with any surgery, you have to contend with the recovery risks your pet might face after being neutered.  The postoperative trauma and hormonal changes experienced by your pet might leave them nervous and depressed, symptoms which not always subside. Many cite that neutering will curb bad behavior such as urine-marking, aggression, roaming when “in heat”, barking and mounting, but that may not even be the case. If your dog is old enough, those behaviors will be ingrained in their brain by instinct and will not change after surgery. Besides, if your pet is not marking, how would you establish territorial boundaries and decide what is yours and what is your pet’s property?

pet neuter

Doesn’t want to go under the knife.

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

The tired old line applies here, sorry. Sure us humans might have a superiority complex which makes us treat the environment and other animals as we were the most important element on earth. The bouts with grandiosity makes us think pets are our property instead of the loyal, unsuspectingly foolish companions they really are, and therefore we can do anything to them and virtually do no harm. But what if for a change we empathized with them and walked a mile in their paws. Imagine a being of higher intelligence coming and making us their caged slaves, then on top of that they anesthesize us and snip our balls off without our consent. I don’t know about you but that is one eerie scenario, or perhaps the introduction of an X-Files episode, you decide.

Less Homeless Pets

Just in the U.S. there are an estimated 6-8 million homeless animals going into shelters every single year. Another large figure of incomprehensible proportions, around 2.7 million animals are euthanized anually. Sounds like a healthy predator/prey relationship to me. They have offspring and we control the population from growing excessively. Some left-wing nuts will chant that less vagrant animals is better for the animals. An indubitably patronizing statement to make given that animals can’t talk and therefore are unable to opine on the matter. Who’s to say that animals don’t prefer a homeless life as opposed to being confined to a leash on someone’s backyard like some prisoner of war awaiting interrogation. Freedom sounds pretty sweet to me, despite what those sad ASPCA commercials might want you to think. You wouldn’t neuter homeless individuals in order to reduce the homeless population, would you? If you want to reduce the homeless population just for them being homeless, you are one step away from being one of the killers who murder the indigent during the purge.

This dog is the butt of all jokes.

Your Pet’s Longevity

A 2013 study also published on USA TODAY reported that neutering is correlated to a longer animal lifespan. This means that you will incur more costs for taking care of them for longer periods of time and for all the ailments that come later with old age. As it is we do not know what to do with older folks, so we put them in senior-care-homes. Are you prepared to take care of a slow, incontinent, smelly, half blind mentally incapacitated being and your pet? If you do not neuter your pet it will die off faster and you will be closer to day in which you can get a newer, cuter model of the current year, or call it quits on your pet-care-taking days.


Based purely on a biological standpoint, the most important purpose any animal has, including humans, is to procreate. It is a living imperative, an instinctual motivation present in all breathing and non-breathing organisms. The ability to have offspring is what projects a species into perpetuity, the closest answer biology could come up when posed with the question of immortality. When you neuter a pet, you are removing them that power and vitality, rejecting the primal mission to pass their genes to the next generation. You are essentially cutting away their rich ancestral gene line, ultimately making your particular pet go extinct and reducing the world’s available gene pool for that species. You must really be on a cancerous power trip to do this to an animal.


What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down. Going a bit into point number 3, life sometimes gives you a taste of your own medicine. If you, the big boss, go calling the shots to snip here and snip over there, then maybe some happening or some other fellow bully will do something bad to you. It might come in the way of a fastball to the groin that renders your reproductive system useless, or a lighting to the nether region, point is, life gets even.

A typical experienced veterinarian will look like this.


I had often wondered what veterinarians did with extirpated gonads after spaying pets. Did they discard them as medical waste? No, that is too cliche and protocol-like. It must be something much more Machiavellian and insidious from people who spent 4 years in post-graduate schooling just to become a doctor of animal-tormenting. I have sadly come to the conclusion that vets, after duping animal owners into neutering and along the way conning them out of a couple hundreds of dollars, eat the gonads they removed from your pets. Possibly even while drinking a martini, petting their neutered cat, and laughing hysterically. If you do not neuter your pets the veterinarian population will decrease drastically due to the lowered supply of food in their diet and will have to resort to clandestine gonad eating.

Hat tip to the Humane Society.


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